Great Opportunity at Deriv

The lowest minimum deposit

Ifyou areinterested inForextrading, Derivmayjustbethe partner you need to realize yourForexinvestment potential.Brokershavegreat opportunities thatappealtoeveryone.Onceupon a time,investment capitalwasvery low.Onlya$5depositisrequiredto trade on Deriv.Depositthat amountandyou can start earning. Its customer service is availablesevendays a week to all users of its platform.

Deriv's liquidity level is very high

Many people arebuyingandsellingon the system all the time. As aDerivtrader, you canhavetradingactivity5days a weekonweekdays. Trading on Deriv exposes you to various global markets determined bycurrency pairs.

The Deriv platform iseasy foranyoneto use

If you are new to the trading industry, don't worry. Deriv got a trial account designed to walk you through the process. The opportunities are endless, so if you're interested in Forex trading, register an account with Deriv today.

What is a Deriv? And how is it useful?

Deriv is a global online broker that connects everyone to Forex trading leveraging a robust world-class trading platform. The broker is present in 14 countries and boasts a wide portfolio of investment tools including commodities, stocks, synthetics and cryptocurrencies. Since its inception in 1999, Deriv has recorded sustainable growth with 2.5 million traders on its platform. In addition, the broker has previously recorded annual sales of $10 billion. After reading Deriv reviews, you can see that Deriv's system is a favorite among forex traders.

Start trading with Deriv

Open a demo account and start working

Trading through the Deriv broker is surprisingly easy. If you are new to trading, open a demo account to practice and learn about the industry.

Learn industry fundamentals

At Deriv, you can access virtual funds and learn industry tricks through trial options.

Register an account

Once you have mastered a few skills, register a real account on the same platform, deposit the required money and start forecasting trends in your forex and other diverse investment portfolios.

Is Deriv legit?

Yes, this broker is legit. We are fully licensed and regulated in most countries where we operate.

Is Deriv a regulated broker?

Yes. Deriv is a bona fide broker under a recognized financial regulatory authority called the Malta Financial Services Authority. The organization recognizes Deriv as a provider of diversified investment opportunities in the European Union. In addition, Deriv is licensed by the relevant regulatory authorities in other markets in which it operates.

How do I open a Deriv account?

The Deriv registration process is easy. Just visit their website and hit the sign up button. Enter your email ID and check the platform's terms of service. Open the link to the trial account and proceed with registration.

What is the minimum deposit amount by derivative?

Deriv trading requires investors to deposit a minimum of USD 5 into their account.